Lyndsay Bilbrey

Lyndsay Bilbrey is Applegate & Dillman Elder Law’s Legal Assistant. Lyndsay  is the first voice all callers will hear when reaching out to the firm. She is also the first face people see when coming to the Tibbs location. Lyndsay has a passion for people. When discussing Lyndsay’s future with the firm she always says that no matter she wants to continue to be the person people talk to first. Lyndsay’s work ethic and dedication make her an incredibly important employee at Applegate & Dillman Elder Law. Her laugh and fun-loving nature can light up any room. If you can catch Lyndsay with some spare time you will find Lyndsay pursuing her ASN (Associates in Science for Nursing) or spending time with her family. Lyndsay is an incredible aunt and god-mother and just as incredible of an employee. We are lucky to have Lyndsay as a part of the staff. 

Lyndsay’s Client Service Motto:  “Give more than expected and always smile.”