Corey Bensley

Corey Bensley is the Intake Coordinator at Dillman Law Group. Each prospective client will come in contact with Corey so that he can assist them with getting connected to the right team at Dillman Law Group. As the Intake Coordinator Corey prides himself on his ability to talk with people and help lessen their burden and fears of the unknown. Corey has a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge with others. Corey recently married Dillman Law Group’s, Anna Lakin, and the two are a powerful pair. In his free time you can find Corey chatting with a new face or entertaining a crowd with his comedy. Corey shares his love for connection to others and laughter with the Greater Indianapolis area doing stand-up comedy. Next time you have the opportunity to talk with Corey be certain you ask about his next show! 

Corey’s Client Service Motto:  “My goal every day is to answer the questions that clients may not know to ask. It’s important to me that I provide a base of knowledge and understanding in the often overwhelming and confusing world of Estate Planning and Elder Care.