Assisted Livings Cook Off

Brookdale Assisted Livings’ Chefs Cook Off!

Have you been scared to move to assisted living because of a fear of the food? Fear no more – read about this summer’s assisted livings chefs cook-off!

Big Change for Vets!

Big Change for Vets!  Its now official.  The VA has an interim Final Rule extending certain presumptions relative to Agent Orange exposure to some 1,200 to 1,500 Air Force and Air Force Reserve personnel whose military service "involved regular and repeated contact...

VA Mismanagement of Benefits

This story is tragic. In light of the recent changes proposed by the VA that will deprive wartime veterans of earned benefits to help pay for long term care, this story is very timely.  People need to contact their Congressperson and the VA to let them know that they...

Special Needs Parenting

Parents of a special needs child can be found in all communities across the United States. After receiving the news that your child is special needs, you may feel like you are being pressured to stay positive and as a result, you contain your emotions in a small jar...