Tom Davies, a writer for the Associated Press, published an article on March 17, 2015. The article reads in part:

— Indiana would have a three-year moratorium on construction of most new nursing homes under a proposal the state House narrowly approved Tuesday.

The 52-40 vote came after a similar bill failed a year ago following private lobbying by a senior Republican lawmaker whose family business faced losing millions of dollars under a moratorium.

The proposed moratorium through June 2018 would largely prohibit the Indiana Department of Health from giving licenses for new nursing homes, except for counties with occupancy rates greater than 90 percent. It wouldn’t prevent construction of about two dozen new facilities that have already submitted plans to state agencies or construction of assisted living centers.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Tim Brown, the moratorium bill’s sponsor, said thousands of unused nursing home beds are costing the state millions in annual Medicaid costs based on a payment formula that includes construction.

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