Life Care Planning is Self-Care

Life Care Planning takes pressure off your family when it comes to caring for you as you age. But, Life Care Planning is also the biggest gift of self-care that you can give yourself and lasts far longer than a massage or fancy dessert.

Now, in the COVID-19 era, we are faced with countless decisions. It’s a real health crisis called “decision fatigue.” Think about it. We are constantly weighing the effects of our decisions. Can the grandchildren come over to play? Is it safe to see a friend outside? Should I be with or without a mask when I garden? It’s exhausting!

“It (decision fatigue) leads to putting less effort into making further choices, so either choices are avoided or they are made in a very superficial way,” said Roy Baumeister, a psychology professor at Florida State University in a USA Today article.

That could mean that necessary health care is delayed or a transition to assisted living is put off until it’s too late. Or the decision is made in a superficial way without weighing the most important factors.

Think of how relieved you’d be to have a team help you make some of the largest decisions in your life. That’s exactly what Life Care Planning offers you! We have teams of legal, health care and financial specialists who can assess your care needs and create a road map for the care you need now and in the future. The team helps solve issues related to your care as they come up quickly and efficiently.

“Most of our clients talk about how Life Care Planning takes the burden off their family members,” said Attorney Carol Applegate. “However, Life Care Planning also turns out to be the greatest gift they give themselves – peace of mind. Our clients find that having a team in place to assist at any time gives them comfort and resources to turn to when things get difficult. It’s a valuable investment in their health and well-being.”

Want to learn more about Life Care Planning? Contact Applegate & Dillman Elder Law today and a member of our team will get back with you to set up a free consultation to answer all of your questions! We can all use self-care right now.