The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Working Group recently released their March 2014 Claims Backlog report. According to the report, approximately 700,000 pending claims remain through the 56 VAROs (VA Regional Offices) nationwide in 2014, with 400,000 of those claims pending for more than 125 days. This is a slight decrease from the approximate 800,000 pending claims in 2013 as stated in the report.

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) reported on March 13, 2013 that the VA completed over 1 million compensation ratings claims for Fiscal Year ending in 2009. However; according to the GOA, “…the number of VA compensation rating claims received had grown 29 percent – from 1,013,712 in FY09 to 1,311,091 in FY11.” The GOA further states, “As of August of 2012, VA had 856,092 pending compensation rating claims of which 568, 043 (66 percent) were backlogged.” Claims are referred to as backlogged once they have been awaiting a decision for more than 125 days according to the report.

Due to the various types of claims that can be filed and the burdensome process that follows, there is no singular solution for solving this issue. The Working Group cites numerous reasons resulting in a build up of claims, with one thing clear: “there are always issues that arise that can result in a backlog.” The report proposes three plans for improvement: (1) reducing wait times by better preparing veterans to submit a claim, (2) structural changes within the VBA (Veteran’s Benefit Administration) and VAROs to increase efficiency and accuracy in processing claims, and (3) federal agencies increasing efficiency for transferring information for the purpose of processing claims in a more timely manner. The GAO released a report in December 2012 finding that one of the primary challenges faced by the VA when processing claims was a struggle to receive requested records from federal agencies in a timely manner.

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