May as National Elder Law Month was established by The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys as a way to educate older Americans, special needs individuals and their families on legal options and resources available to them.
As Americans are living longer and the number of individuals 65 years old and older seems to increase daily, it is important to plan properly for your later years. This may include applying for Medicaid, creating advanced directives (Living Will, Healthcare Representative, and HIPAA Release of Healthcare Information Authorization) as well as a will or trust, and establishing guardianship.
Elder Law refers to the umbrella under which every issue pertaining to the elderly and disabled falls.  Elder Law Attorneys represent, counsel and assist seniors and individuals of all ages with special needs, with the goal being to improve the lives of the individual and the individual’s family.  Elder Law attorneys throughout the country contribute a great deal to their communities by educating seniors and special needs individuals about their legal options.

Dillman & Associates can help or speak on the following topics:

Living Wills

Long Term Care Insurance

Public Entitlements, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Benefits, and Medicaid

Paying for Nursing Home Care

Estate Planning

We would love the opportunity to assist you or a loved one with planning needs.