Many of us know the celebrity Robin Williams through his numerous movies that brought laughter and tears into the homes of many. After Mr. Williams suddenly passed away, Hollywood and the rest of the world went into a phase of mourning. What many of us did not realize was Mr. Williams’ family was going through a court battle shortly after his death.

Many know the importance of having your estate and assets wrapped together and tucked away neatly into a trust. Mr. Williams’ did an amazing job of handling his estate in the event of his death. Mr. Williams’ carefully crafted his estate so his family would not be fighting with each other and avoid probate at all costs.

Mr. Williams’ wife, Susan recently petitioned the California court system to interpret various provisions that she felts were ambiguous. Mr. Williams’ children fought back and opposed Susan’s court petition which created a war.

Mr. Williams’ trust states that his wife Susan is to remain in the couple’s home in Tiburon for the rest of her life and his clothing, jewelry, personal photos along with memorabilia and awards in the entertainment industry are to go to his children. The children are also entitled to the tangible personal property at his Napa Valley property. Susan believes that the terms are not clear and the property distribution needs to be decided through the court system.

It is said that Mr. Williams’ left his probate attorneys in charge of his trust upon his death to avoid a family feud. Many speculate that Mr. Williams’ trust is unambiguous and that the battle will not be as difficult as it could be had Mr. Williams’ not planned ahead for his passing.

This is a good example of when even the best type of estate planning will not avoid an inheritance fight. Having a plan upon your passing will help keep disputes to a minimum and help your family move on passed your death. Call Dillman Law Group today to help you get your plan in order.