Parents of a special needs child can be found in all communities across the United States. After receiving the news that your child is special needs, you may feel like you are being pressured to stay positive and as a result, you contain your emotions in a small jar inflicting extra anxiety and stress on yourself.

Attorney Evan Farr, in a recent blog, shared some ways to cope with being a parent of a special needs child. He offers a few points that parents can consider – that might help start conversations – so they are summarized for you here:

  1. Share your feelings with the people closest to you. There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed or at a loss when something like this occurs. Talking to others will allow you to hear your thoughts out loud and allow you to realize how you truly feel. Expressing your thoughts allows others to enter into the process and offer help.
  2. Take a personal time out. Raising a special needs child involves a lot of time and dedication. Taking some time to do the things you love most will help you refuel your energy and help your child even more.
  3. Talk to others with your situation. Anyone can express his or her sympathy to you, but do they really know what you’re going through? I know when I’m struggling, I find the most comfort when I talk to people who are in a similar situation as I am. This is a good way to exchange coping mechanisms. I know when I started law school, it was hard for me to handle working full-time simultaneously. When I spoke with others who were in my law classes and full-time paralegals as well, we were able to discuss how we get around the “on the go” lifestyle and share advice.

Most importantly – plan ahead financially. Many parents don’t want to think about “the other side.” It’s inevitable, one day we will all see what’s on the other side leaving our loved ones behind. Chances are you will pass before you child does. It’s important that you have a financial plan in effect to help your child survive while you’re gone. Dillman Law Group can help you prepare a Special Needs Trust that provides your special needs child with stability in order to maintain his or her way of life after you pass.

Raising a special needs child involves a lot of work and a strong mindset. Talking with others in your situation is a good way to relieve the everyday stress of raising your special needs child. Be sure to think about planning ahead for your child’s future. The Dillman Law Group has helped many families establish a comfortable future for their special needs children. Call today for your free consultation. The Dillman Law Group will help get you moving in the right direction.

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