Honoring Our Dads

Honoring Our Dads

Father’s Day provides an opportunity to honor the dads inallofour lives who have helped shape who we are today. It may be our biological fathers, stepdads, grandfathers or even a man who stepped up to serve as a father figure that impacted us the most. They all...

Beware of Senior Scams!

      There are many, many good people in the world.  Some strangers would give you the shirt off their back, folks who volunteer their time to help others in need, and those who hold the door open for you as you are entering a store.  Especially in our...

Life Care Planning’s Financial Benefits

  The financial benefits of Life Care Planning are key factors clients use when deciding to work with us. One of the first questions prospective Life Care Planning clients have is, “How much does a Life Care Plan cost?” Perhaps the better question is, “What will...