July starts out with a bang as Americans celebrate Independence Day. But, too many seniors are faced with giving up their independence each and every year. That doesn’t have to happen with some careful planning and help from qualified professionals such as Applegate & Dillman Elder Law.

The time to celebrate and ensure your independence is while you still have it. Applegate & Dillman’s Life Care Planning provides a road map to deal with the legal, financial, medical and emotional needs involved in growing older.

We assess information such as your current living arrangements, health status, family dynamics, financial status and resources. This allows us to determine the potential for aging in place or moving to a senior community, level of healthcare support needed, and other resources needed from this moment in time through end of life. When changes occur, we stay with you every step of the way to help you shift to another road as it becomes necessary. This combination of legal solutions and advocacy lightens the load for family caregivers, improves the elder’s quality of life and can even postpone the need for nursing home care.

Independence from Family Conflicts

One of the important benefits of Life Care Planning is that family members serving as caregivers can relinquish the role of caretaker and return to their role of spouse, daughter, son or loved one. This can help reduce family conflicts and stress.

Choosing to invest in a Life Care Plan means choosing to build a relationship with our firm and Elder Care Coordinators. That relationship is one where care comes first and the elder is empowered. Your ability to access, maintain, and afford appropriate care is the most important consideration. Ultimately, decision-making always belongs to our client. Our role is to offer recommendations and serve as your voice when you feel yours cannot be heard.

Financial Independence

A Life Care Plan follows a person from the moment they hire Applegate & Dillman through end of life. Life Care Planning provides asset protection solutions so that individuals’ hard-earned savings are not depleted and clients can receive the care they need.


Each Life Care Plan is different. It will include specialized estate planning documents, determining the right care based on health needs and planning for ways to pay for that care. Medicaid, VA benefits, Medicare and other resources are extremely beneficial to our clients. It’s important to plan for eligibility before you need it to ensure you have the resources needed to meet your care goals.

Life Care Planning involves thinking ahead and planning for any number of “what if” situations. It includes a team to help avoid problems and manage any crisis that arises. That provides independence from stress for both you and your family.

Take steps to protect your independence by learning more about Life Care Planning and contacting Applegate & Dillman today.